Carmel Rodgers Associate Fellow/Chartered Psychologist AFBPsS

“My extensive experience includes full assessment of underlying abilities in relation to dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, specific language disorder, specific learning difficulties, Statementing, access arrangements for public examinations
 and Special Educational Needs (SEN) Tribunals as an independent psychologist.”

Carmel Rodgers has a long and established a career in Education, Educational Psychology and Disability.Skills are n diagnostic assessments and working with individuals. This organisational experience gives critical insight into the strategic management for young people and adults with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. This experience has provided me with insight into the difficulties faced by many families in getting the needs of their children recognised. Carmel also works professionally, with medical, legal and interdisciplinary specialists.

Carmel Rodgers has been a Chartered Psychologist for 25 years in practice.

Her areas of particular interest include:

-assessment of educational difficulties

- dyslexia in children and adults
-attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
- autistic spectrum disorders including Asperger Syndrome(academic assessments)
- developmental co-ordination disorder / dyspraxia
- learning difficulties
- developmental disorders and disabilities
- expert witness

Academic Research

Publications include several articles in peer-reviewed professional journals with  focusing on organizational culture in Educational Systems In addition, I have presented papers at many UK

At QUB 2013 I presented my Talk to your Child publication. I have a broad spectrum of experiences with children in need, at- risk and in Looked After Provision. This varies from working in an residential or a therapeutic community for children with severe emotional and behavioural difficulties, to working clinically either within the NHS or via the Family Courts with children and families involved in Care Proceedings, giving evidence to the Family Courts.

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