What I Do

During an assessment, the psychologist will investigate background information and review any concerns the individual or carer of the child may have. Next the Psychologist will begin testing, working 1-1 with the child or student,initially to establish a general Ability Profile (IQ) and then to investigate, in detail different aspects of learning, using a wide range of tests. Observation is also an important part of this procedure. When this has been completed, the psychologist will talk further with the individual or carer of a child about the findings. This whole process will usually take between two and three hours. This will then be followed up by a detailed written report including conclusions and recommendations.

Work, Business and Organisational Psychology

It is estimated that the annual, direct cost of sickness absence to UK employers is around 11 billion, a third of which is thought to be due to stress, anxiety and depression (The Health of the Nation). Whether your business is small or large, in the voluntary, public or private sector, our business psychology consultants can offer advice and intervention on a wide range of business activities and problems specifically tailored to the needs of your organisation. Currently, I am a Principal Member of the Association of Business Psychologists.

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